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Justin Ruggles (justin.ruggles@gmail.com)

I am a Libav developer who focuses mostly on audio codecs. I have done extensive work on the (E-)AC-3 encoders and decoders, and I wrote the FLAC encoder. I also mentored students for 4 Google Summer of Code projects, all related to audio codecs in FFmpeg/Libav.

I am currently working on improving the (E-)AC-3 encoder. The improvements were based initially on my previous work with the Aften project, but at this point the Libav encoder is more advanced.

Visit my blog, Ambient Language, for details on some of the things I've been working on.


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AC-3 Encoder : transient detection and block switching
E-AC-3 Encoder : pending patches (0 patches currently pending)
E-AC-3 Encoder : AHT encoding
E-AC-3 Encoder : Spectal Extension support
(E-)AC-3 Encoder : variable coupling bandwidth
IIR Filter : structural modifications to allow more generic usage


You can clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://github.com/justinruggles/Libav
Or add as a remote to your existing local Libav git repository:
$ git remote add ruggles git://github.com/justinruggles/Libav
$ git fetch ruggles